10 Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Day Makeup

Wedding Day Makeup

Want to look absolutely stunning on your big day?  Fortunately, great makeup takes just a little extra thought and attention to detail.

These 10 listed below will help you plan as your big day approaches.

10 Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Day Makeup


  • Do decide on DIY makeup for wedding day or going with a makeup artist

First decide, if doing your own makeup will be worth skipping the cost of a professional.  Factors that may help you decide are having quality makeup and lack of skills, giving you less than stunning wedding makeup.


  • Do have a makeup trial done a few weeks beforehand.


Whether you’re doing your own makeup or having it done, make sure to do a trial run at least a few weeks before the big day. Apply the makeup just as you would for your wedding, and make sure to do it in natural light.


  • Don’t allow a makeup artist to boss you around.


If you do go with a makeup artist, be careful that you don’t allow them to decide everything for you. Indeed, if you’re a makeup novice, you might gladly welcome your makeup artist’s professional opinion. But it should be a collaboration. Ultimately, the bride makes the final choices.


  • Do set aside at least an hour for your makeup application.


Many brides make the mistake of assuming their makeup can be applied in just 20 or 30 minutes.  On any normal day, that’s probably possible. But because tons of things will be going on (bridesmaid /mother-in-laws in law questions, popped off buttons, hair problems,  pictures, nerves, etc.), you should cushion your makeup application with at least an hour.


  • Don’t go too heavy with your foundation.


Of course, you want flawless skin on your big day.  However, a thick layer of foundation will almost certainly look fake and be noticeable in pictures. Overall, your goal should be to simply even out skin tone and match your face to your neck and chest. Applying makeup in only natural light will greatly aid in this.


  • Do choose between playing up your eyes or your lips.


Highly done up eyes and bold, bright lips is generally too much for any gal’s face, much less for your wedding day makeup . Either focus on your lips or your eyes, but don’t do both.


  • Don’t forget about makeup maintenance.


Even if you do your best to have a carefree face for your big day, it’s still smart to be prepared for occasional maintenance. To do this, keep a small makeup bag with some essentials in it. You’ll want your foundation for touchups, a few cotton swabs for cleaning up your eye makeup, your eyebrow pencil and a spoolie, and the lipstick that you’re wearing.


  • Do prepare for tears.


It’s not uncommon to drop a few tears on this big occasion. So, if you know you’re a bit of a softy, you’ll want to be prepared, and not ruin your wedding makeup. Start by using waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Also, tuck a little tissue into your dress if possible, or ask a bridesmaid to hold onto one for you.


  • Don’t forget about the weather.


As all women know, depending on the season, it is has a huge impact on makeup. A balmy summer day can make eyeliner run like crazy.  While a dry winter day can practically crack your foundation. That’s why paying attention to the climate and how it typically affects your skin is crucial.

You might even check forecasted humidity levels as the date approaches.


  • Don’t forget to be yourself!


Lastly, don’t forget that the entire goal of your wedding look should be to appear as yourself, only better. This is your day, and you naturally want to shine, but just make sure to shine as yourself.

Your partner is marrying you after all! And that’s who you should look like.

By sticking to these guidelines for your wedding day makeup and preparing far in advance, you’ll be sure to look marvelous on your wedding day.


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