7 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day when Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

7 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day when Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

It’s hard not to be upset when one of your special guests has a fight with her significant other, the night before your wedding;  resulting in police presence with an arrest inside of the suite. (under your name)

Ok, so hopefully that won’t be your issue!

But there are many things that can leave you feeling stressed and a lot less romantic.  When you just want to hang to head and cry, here are some suggestions.


7 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day when Everything Seems to be Going Wrong


  • A huge obstacle looming will be dividing your time between family and friends, co-workers, in-laws and some out of town guests you haven’t seen in years.

Remember:  Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of time to devote to everyone. Don’t feel guilty for not being able to spend quality time with everyone else.  This is about you and your partner! If you, as a couple want to slip away for a minute, do it!


  • Getting your photographer’s hired apprentice. WTF?

Luckily,  your pictures come out pretty great, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay full price for a professional service with years of experience that you didn’t get.

Remember:  Always get, in writing, who the photographer from the company will be on your wedding day.  Wedding insurance for photography is an additional coverage, but something to seriously consider.  When you have insurance you can be protected from things like this.


  • What about forgetting the music list/cd’s for your DJ, that you spent hours putting together?

Remember:  Music makes a party, but you’ll remember the feeling you had on that day, regardless of what’s playing.  Don’t stress, people are always willing to help out if something amiss.

But it’s best to be extra prepared.  Designate people to help out, or put things like that in the car the night before.


  • You wake up with the biggest pimple, YOU HAVE EVER HAD, in your entire life!

Remember:  That’s what photo spot correction is for.  Today, it’s okay to put extra makeup on. Bring along a small makeup bag with these makeup tips.


  • You only invite the number of guests you wanted to have in total.  You fear that everyone will show and you won’t have enough food and seats.

Remember: Believe me, not everyone will be able to make it.  A save the date reminder, along with a confirmation from everyone will help you get an accurate count to your caterers and event rentals in a fair amount of time.


  • Regrettably, you make one of your best friends cry because things weren’t done as hoped (and you know the   B*%@# in you in coming out!)

Remember:  Don’t ask your friends to do more than hold that makeup bag for you.  If you’re having a DIY wedding, as most bride and grooms do, really consider hiring a ‘day of ‘ wedding planner. This will help you take the stress off and allow you and your friends to enjoy themselves.


  • Honestly, you’re just exhausted and want it to end!

Between having a surprise bachelorette party the night before, not finishing up your decorations, finding out your venue is not set up as expected, your make-up lady bails on you, and your hair dresser unexpectedly has to go out of town, but luckily books you with two other ladies that don’t speak English…

Remember:  It will end, and it goes by quickly.


When everything seems to be going wrong on your wedding day, the biggest thing to remember:

  • (bonus)  It’s how we react that counts.

If your wedding day is not how you had imagined it, don’t let it effect the outcome of the wedding.  Too high of expectations can let you down like a vintage sled in an avalanche.  Once it gets going, it just doesn’t seem to stop!

Eventually, when you look back (even if you can’t laugh about it), those hiccups will still be insignificant on the grand scale of your marriage.

Have fun and enjoy all the hard work and energy you put into your wedding!