Turn Your Backyard into an Enchanted Forest Wedding

Most importantly, you want a backyard with trees.

They are essential to turn your backyard into an enchanted forest wedding.

Without trees, it’s not impossible to pull off an enchanted forest wedding, but it’s going to take more prep work and resources.

If you only have a few in the background or randomly growing, that can be a starting point.

enchanted forest wedding

But, what if I don’t have any trees in my backyard?

Take your wedding photos before or after in the forest or a heavily wooded park.

Now, let’s talk about the actual wedding and reception.

Use these ideas to achieve the ambience of an enchanted forest wedding.

Moss, moss, and more moss.

-Put it everywhere!

-Line the table with a moss runner for your centerpieces.

enchanted forest wedding

-Hang moss on the chairs, trees, in the tent, on umbrella stands or off of string lights.

-Put moss on decorative pieces like trunks and lanterns.

-Randomly mix it into your dessert table.

In addition to the moss, use wooden stumps and branches.

-Place stumps around the sweetheart table.

-Use wooden slices as coasters.

-Hang branches.

enchanted forest wedding

Add in extra greenery.

-Use greenery that typically grows in the shade like ivy and ferns.

enchanted forest wedding

Mix in small touches of color.

-Color of choice in berries.

-Small wildflowers or creepers.

enchanted forest wedding

Add classic (story book) decor.

-Add simple candle holders, a few candelabras and glass cloches.

How else are you going to turn your backyard into an enchanted forest wedding?


turn your backyard into an enchanted forest wedding Enchanted Accents



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