The Only Strategy You Need when Party Planning

party planning

We all have the best of intentions to have FUN when we put together an event.

So it’s really frustrating when it turns sour, only because we didn’t prepare or foresee potential issues.

When planning a party, this one strategy will have you mingling and enjoying your soiree in real time.

Party planning should start early and with a strategy!

One month prior:

Make a budget – and stick to it!

Decide on theme or whether it’s formal or casual.

Make guest list and send out your e-vites with a two week RSVP date.

Decide on a location or a specific room in your home.

Three weeks prior to your party:

What’s being served?  Decide if you’re going to do the cooking yourself, have it catered, or potluck.

Ask a friend or two for help.  Make your request specific so there’s no miscommunication.

Start looking for decorations. Renting would cut your cost significantly if having a larger party.

Two weeks prior to your party:

Confirm your guest list from your RSVP’s.

Make a list of all supplies needed.

Order food that may be catered, or know what dishes are being brought.

Confirm rentals based on number of guests.

Start looking at ads and comparison shop, so you can possibly catch some deals.

One week prior to your party:

Make a music list or think up games for added ambience.

Deep clean each room your guests will be in.

Have an area for guests to put their coats and keys.

Confirm guest, so that you can finish shopping for food and any table settings.

Figure out where dirty dishes and trash will go so cleanup will be easier.

The day before your party:

Tidy up.

Prep as much food and drink as possible.

Set out all dinner and table ware in a buffet style.

Buy any last minute supplies.

Day of:

Decorate, set up music and/or games.

Make sure foods are prepped and kept warm.

Have plenty of extra time to make yourself beautiful!


The only strategy you need when party planning is as simple as making a time line and checklist.

Do all of the hard work well in advance of your party.

Spreading these party planning tips out each week over the course of a month won’t feel like such a big deal.  Your party won’t be rushed, so there will be less stress!



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