7 Simple Tips to Cut Wedding Costs

Today’s brides & grooms are all about getting the most bang for their buck.  Many are DIYers and frugalista’s.

But, you don’t have to be a coupon freak to cut out major expenses on your special day!

Here are 7 simple tips to cut wedding costs:


  1. Skip the sit down formal dinner.

Have a few fun stations in a buffet style.  Try subs, with deli meats, and cheeses.  Order from a restaurant, and have some friends help set it up.


2.   Don’t go overboard with the food.

Everyone gets nervous about not having enough food, but as long as you have a few different choices, you don’t need to overfeed your guests.


3.  Forgo the expensive wedding cake.

Do cupcakes and a dessert table like smores or candy table.


4.   Don’t spend a ton of money on a dress.

Try looking at thrift stores or consider renting your dress. It doesn’t matter where you get it from, as long as it’s beautiful and you feel good in it.


5.  Cut out the flowers.

You can rent artificial flowers for your centerpieces or bouquets. If you want real flowers, consider going with more inexpensive greenery and just getting very few flowers to mix in.


6.  Skip the favors.

Most people leave them right on the table.  At best they get taken home and eventually stored in a closet.


7.  Speed your reception along.

Get the shortest amount of time available at your venue.  You’ll save money on man hours, boos and food.  You can also see how to save on your venue here.

If you really want to cut wedding costs, try these tips.  You will be amazed at what you save!



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