13 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony & Venue

Besides catering, booking the venue for your wedding ceremony is going to take the biggest chunk out of your wedding budget.

You can save money by choosing a cost effective and frugal venue.

13 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony & Venue

1.) It begins with a shop comparison!

It may not save you a lot of time, but it will save you money if you are on a tight budget.

2.) Not all venues are created equally. Meaning some are all inclusive.

If your wedding is hosted at a grand hotel for ceremony and reception, it’s going to come with all of the bells and whistles. They will provide an area for vows, reception table and chairs, decorations and catering.

3.)  Pay for all of those goods and services separately.

Depending on your budget and guest list, an all inclusive may or may not save you lots of money.  Price out what your all-inclusive venue is offering and find out how much it would cost to .

4.)  Have a little flexibility in timing and avoid the wedding hot spots and busy seasons.

You can still save money and find separate locations for ceremony and reception but you’ll need to be a little creative.

5.)  Say your ‘I do’s’ at city hall in a private and intimate ceremony.

6.)  Have a quick ceremony at the park or any other public facility.

They will be a fraction of the price of any hall.

save money on wedding ceremony and wedding venue

7.)  Pick a venue not typically used like a neighbor’s barn, or your Aunt’s garden.

Open spaces with tons of character are beautiful, but keep in mind you will have to rent every piece of furniture and decor required to host a comfortable wedding, along with bathrooms and a kitchen area.

8.) Book your wedding just before Easter or Christmas at a church.

Reduce your cost even more for a church ceremony by cutting the cost of decorations.

9.)  Save money on your wedding ceremony by having it on a Friday evening.

Most people understandably have weddings on Saturdays, but that’s the most expensive day to book a venue.

10.)  Thin out your guest list.

Most people will understand not being invited to your wedding.  This may be the best way to save money on your wedding.

11.) Get married in a smaller city.

There is a significant price difference in a prestigious down town convention center versus, and a small town association hall.

12.)  Have your friend become an officiant.

Universal Life Church is an organization that can ordain and officiate weddings, which most of the 50 states will recognize.

13.) Elope. Don’t tell anyone and just make a fun trip for the two of you.

If you want more than the 13 tips to save money on your wedding ceremony & venue, you can also see how you can save a ton of money with this one approach.



13 tips to save money on your wedding venue

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