Save a Ton of Money on Your Wedding with this One Approach

Don’t go in debt for years to come celebrating anything!

Weddings, parties and most events are only one day.  No matter how important it feels at the time, your wedding is insignificant in the larger picture of your future life with your partner.

I’m assuming you already know this and it’s why your here, to save a ton of money on your wedding by this one approach.

Do this:

Ask for wedding help:

Let me explain.

Everyone, is happy for you and wants you to have a beautiful marriage, however keeping it real, weddings are a give and take type of event.

You put on a big party, food, fun and possibly boos and a cheesy party favor in exchange for a decent wedding gift.  Gifts are always optional, and realize not everyone can afford to get you much.

However, the old etiquette rule, inviting guests just to witness the marriage, is a little archaic, and quite frankly, way too expensive today!

If you think its not like that, first, decide if your wedding is for you and your spouse, or for family and friends.  Have a clear perspective on what’s important to you as a couple.

Most couples today already live together and don’t need another kitchen gadget.

If you’re not after gifts and money, and just want to have a joyful celebration for everyone, I understand that too, but consider this:

wedding help


Why not ask for a wedding gift that makes your wedding actually happen?

Instead of hiring a wedding planner, florist, decorators, caterers, ask for help with your wedding.

If they’re not willing to do one thing to help your wedding along, they may not be guest material.  If you want it to be for everyone, enlist the help of your friends and family.

Find something they can help with.

Wedding Help Suggestions:

Will any girlfriends who’ve got married recently lend you wedding shoes and bags, or even dresses and suits?

Will your friend do your hair or make-up for you?

Do you know a baker who likes to make cakes?

Do you have a crafty Mom who will help put favors together?

Don’t forget about asking your DIY friend that would love to help out with your centerpieces.

How about a your cousin who is a newbie, but a talented photographer or videographer?

Or what about your DJ Mike buddy?

Do your homework and reach into the talents of your guests/hosts and ask them to help with something they are good at.

No talents?  Ask for material items such as plants, china, tables and chairs.  I promise your will definitely save a ton of money on your wedding with this one approach.  Possibly save thousands.

Now let’s all party!



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