Extremely Odd Rentals You Didn’t Know Existed for Weddings

Today’s wedding market is filled with unconventional approaches to weddings.

These rentals for weddings aren’t seen at your typical nuptials.

Besides piquing your curiosity, they are smart and fun!

Extremely odd rentals you didn’t know existed for weddings:

  • You can rent your maid of honor.

Yeah it sounds strange renting people, but Jen Glantz started Bridesmaids for hire.

According to USA Today, Jen says it is easier on friendships. Some friends never speak to each other after a wedding because it’s a lot of pressure.  I can attest in this post about wedding going wrong.

  • Now that you’re comfortable with the sound of renting people, check out Rent a Friend.

Maybe you just moved to a new place a need a few friends to attend your wedding. Perhaps your partner has more friends than you and you want more for the wedding party?

  • Wedding Cakes can be rented, this is less odd and more like pure genius!

Save a thousand dollars or more and rent a cake for looks and picture taking.  These beauties have a section in the back to insert a small piece of real cake.

After the awkward ‘cake in the face’ shenanigan, the faux cake can be carted to the kitchen to be cut up.  But what comes back out is an inexpensive plain sheet cake.

  • What about trumpeters, magicians…perhaps a militia of guns for photos?

I’m from the South, not judging!

odd rentals for weddings

  • Now you can rent a seductive belly dancer for your reception.

Eccentric entertainment just surpassed the private stripper for a bachelor/ bachelorette party. A mariachi band (so sexy) or even a salsa dancer isn’t unheard of either.

  • Couples often agree to have outlandish themes.

You can rent costumes and props for your special day, such as Beauty and the Beast, Day of the Dead, or Star Wars characters.

Clowns can be rented.

Yes, this is an odd wedding rental, no doubt.  However, it makes it a little less creepy, if your theme is carnival.

What’s not to love about a clown pulling a flower out of it’s mouth at the singles table?

I’m sure there’s a lot more extremely odd rentals for weddings you didn’t know existed for weddings, so feel free to tell me some of your oddest rentals.


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