Over the Top Wedding To a Minimalist Wedding

minimalist wedding

Can brides really transform their one and only wedding day from an over the top wedding to a minimalist wedding?

That may depend on what their perception of a minimalist wedding is?

If someone lives a minimal life, they will be the ones who shudder at the idea of buying disposable products such wasteful menus, favors and confetti for their weddings.

Oh and what about all of those flowers being cut?  Well, let’s decorate with dozens of candles and lanterns then. (winking emoji)

It’s alarming to find so many sources suggesting that the main concept a minimalist wedding is one that’s mostly all white with clean lines.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the so called “minimalist wedding style”, but I think it would possibly be better named – simple design.

Kristen Wong at Lifehacker explains in this post  that people are turning minimalism into a trend and something they have to keep up with.  In the video,  Anthony Ongaro with Intentional Living warns about buying more products to get that picture perfect look.


This video is applicable to weddings too.

I don’t think 100 of the same glass votives on a table really constitutes the – less is more strategy.  Maybe just 50 would be minimalist?

Great, and you’re renting all those, right?

I say this jokingly, because we would love for you to rent 100 -anything from Enchanted Accents to achieve your look. However, before you decide on your wedding decor or theme, really think about how you want to go minimalist.

Maybe you’re not a minimalist at all, but a trend lover of the modern style, clean lines, bright whites, monochromatic, geometric shapes, air plants, etc.

If you truly want to take your over the top wedding to a minimalist wedding,  you can still rent a few colorful things and still be minimal in your consumption.

It’s far better to rent than to buy.  Besides the amount of guests you have, renting will be the biggest factor in getting your consumption down, and well on your way to a minimalist wedding.


Minimalist Wedding

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