Mad Hatter Tea Party

This week was hectic but amazing!  We celebrated my daughter’s birthday. The theme -a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Let me design your tea party!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This photo backdrop was a success! It was the perfect place to open her gifts.

The vintage trunk, gold chair, silver tea set and birdcage came together nicely.

My family went all out and dressed the part!  They helped tremendously and I’m not sure I could have pulled it off without my sister.

My mom, tediously pulled apart these paper flowers! My family came here to the Charleston area from Louisville and Atlanta to honor my sweet Alice. I wish they were my regular help.

The decor could have used a little more critiquing and attention to detail, but I was a bit rushed for time.

There’s so many things I had in my brain that didn’t come to fruition, but overall it was a success!

The kids had a blast and it was non-stop games.  Pin the Grin on Cheshirepotato sack race, tea pot piñata, crafts, and my favorite was the croquet and flamingo wickets I put together.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party feel was there.  We incorporated vintage buffets, antique tea cart and other furniture pieces.


You can’t use enough brass candle sticks for a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  The lovely tea cups and pots were inserted and the vintage dishes were used for the snacks and cookies (unfortunately not pictured).  Touches of moss were used for texture and the clocks added dimension.

The confusing Wonderland signs were a perfect touch.  I love the two additions that I threw together last minute, “We’re all Mad here” and “the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it is Possible”.  I would have loved adding the best, “why, I believe nearly six impossible things before breakfast”.

I didn’t hire a professional photographer to capture it beautifully.  However, it was a lovely party, and one Mad Hatter Tea Party I was proud to be able to give to my daughter!

Just as this day, five years ago was one of the best days of my life, I hope my daughter will look back and possibly add this day to her top 10!

Let us at Enchanted design your tea party!

We are in Summerville, South Carolina.


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