What You Need to Know About Wedding Rentals

Wedding Rentals

Wedding rentals typically offer you flexibility, endless options, and will save you money.

Sometimes renting is the only way you can make pull off successful wedding!

You won’t know what to rent until you decide on a venue. Certain venues offer to help you sort out the details of the items you will need for your wedding guests. Some venues provide, dinnerware, furniture, and glassware all included into one large price.

However, if you are working with a raw space or having an outdoor wedding, get ready to rent everything down to the last fork.

10 things you should know about wedding rentals

1.) Before renting, ask for referrals from couples you know that may have recently been married.

Be sure to ask your caterer, florist, venue manager, wedding planner, and anyone else that is vital to the success of your wedding. Referrals go a long way and can help you secure a deal on your big day.

2.) You should spot good customer service by the way the company treats its customers or potential customers. They should be friendly, helpful and professional.

3.) Wedding rental companies should be available during business hours to help with any changes.

If leaving a message, make sure they return your call in a reasonable amount of time.

4.) A company’s website says a lot. Pictures of products should be clear, along with prices shown. It shows their commitment to the business and therefore you.

5.) Read reviews and check out their reputation.

If they’re a new company, remember all businesses have to start somewhere, but be vigilant in getting a contract and check out their background and qualifications. They should honor their commitments to you.

wedding rental reviews

6.) A rental company should always be honest and upfront about their products and services.

Weddings generally have strict timelines, so the company must be able to work within that, otherwise know what they can and cannot do.

7.) You can ask for an appointment.

Preview their equipment ahead of time to ensure it’s clean, well maintained, and stored. The wedding rentals have to be ready to use when you receive it.

8.)  Pricing shouldn’t always be your determining factor.  But, if it’s a company you can’t afford, they won’t be able to help you stay within your budget.

9.) Once you figure out where to rent, make sure to ask the essential questions.

Get clarification on any extra fees you may not understand.  Get educated on their policies regarding delivery, cancellations, deposits, licenses and insurance.

10.) Lastly, get it in writing.

Make sure you get an understandable reservation with times and a computerized contract that itemizes everything, along with prices.

Let this be a guide before making a deal and signing on a dotted line. By implementing all of the above, you will feel good about choosing what company provides your wedding rentals.



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