Don’t BUY or DIY

If you want to know the real secret in saving money and your sanity on your wedding?  Rent!  Yes, don’t BUY or DIY when you can rent.  Save yourself plenty of time and money by renting your event decor.

All of those small unforeseen expenses that go toward DIYing, can really bite you in the end. Unless your an avid DIYer and have most of the tools that it takes to make your centerpieces, it can equate to money, money, money.

I know what your thinking; it’s beneficial for me to DIY my wedding because no one can find a better deal than me.  And… that may be true.  However, once you finally get everything together that you need, and eat up the time it takes to do 20 centerpieces, altar/ isle decorations, his and her table, decor for lounges and dessert tables, you have completely exhausted yourself.


Of course factor in the stress and pressure of completing these wedding projects, and you’ll just wanna get drunk and decompress on your big day. (No judgment here, just sayin’)

My last point I want to make is that all of this crafting and making your wedding decorations takes up a lot of space.

They will take up every vacant table you have for months, no to mention all of the storage afterward that it takes until you sell them by the onsies and twosies for a couple of years on Craigslist.  How do I know this?  Because I buy from seasoned brides often that are practically giving their wedding decorations away.

No one loves to DIY like me, and I’m not trying to totally bash it, but there’s a time and a place.  And if you want to keep your stresses to a minimum at this already busy time, rent your decorations, don’t buy or DIY.



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