Boho Chic Lounge Design

Here is the final area of the styled shoot done recently.  I call it the boho chic lounge design. You can see the other two areas of this shoot here and here.

Billie Jo and Jeremy’s Photography put a beautiful angle on our very eclectic pieces.  Even though it is eclectic, the theme came together as boho chic with a slight traveled feel.

I chose a few traditional furniture pieces with very relaxed comforting decorative accessories.  The steamer trunk, suitcase and books give it a worldly and time honored vibe.

boho eclectic lounge area


For an earthy but mature backdrop, I cornered the vintage balloon back chair and armillary sphere.

The carpet is a perfect bohemian centerpiece.  Vintage inspired pieces on the opposite end completes the boho chic lounge area.  The middle eastern blanket and pouf lends that worldwide artsy vibe that I love.

Books, vases, candlesticks and flowers give it those final sophisticated but romantic touches.  Enjoy a few more beautiful shots of the boho chic lounge design.