The Biggest Problem with Wedding Music Playlist

Overwhelmed, or having a hard time choosing your wedding music playlist?

Even if you have a bucket list of songs that best describe every moment of your love life, it can be difficult setting the tone and atmosphere of a wedding.

But, before you fill your long list with songs, make sure it’s good wedding music, even for your guests.

Carefully choosing the kind of music you want to be played on your big day is no small task.

Things to consider when choosing your wedding music playlist:

You must think of the kind of ambience you want to capture as you walk down the aisle.  You have to make sure that your wedding music matches the theme of your wedding.

Of course the kind of mood you should set on your wedding day is “in love”. Choose wedding songs that you both have chosen.

It must make your wedding guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Make sure that the wedding songs are those you will love to play and hear on future anniversaries or in times of reminiscing.

Check your wedding ceremony venue early. Some religious venues have a strict policy when it comes to the type of music that is allowed to be played.  They may only allow more traditional type music.

wedding music playlist

Choose different music as you exchange your vows, and for entertaining at your reception. They should be different for each to avoid the monotonous dry wedding vibe.

  • Take note of the three major moments of your ceremony that music is needed: walking down the aisle, after the exchange of vows, and the exit.
  • At the reception you will need a song for introducing each other as husband and wife (or husband and husband, wife and wife).  You’ll also need music for first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, eating tunes, and of course dancing jams.

To avoid ruining the mood of your wedding, it is best to check the sound system in advance.  If it’s unpleasant to the ears, you will need to rent audio.

If you have a DJ provide them with a song list in advance.  You may have to provide the music if your vendor doesn’t have your chosen wedding music playlist.

Ultimately though, you and your partner must feel good about your wedding music playlist.

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