The Business of my Dreams

Oh the military life.. sometimes you feel it will never end.  Even for the spouse, and who is often left holding the bag keeping the family together.  Dreams and goals typically are set aside.

I’m not bitter about it, because that’s the life I chose.  And I would do all over again for my family. Luckily, I don’t have to! After 20 years my husband has finally retired and we are settled in Summerville, SC.

So, no excuses.  I can live the reality of the business of my dreams. That dream?  Own and operate a vintage rental in Summerville, SC for special events.

Although I’m just opening, I’ve been working on this for over a year, arguably my whole life.

Now after months since renting a little studio and warehouse and getting it ready, it’s finally finished!  Am I going to always want to improve it? Yes.

Cleaning, painting, and rearranging can only do so much to a storage facility. Hey.. you gotta start somewhere. But the bonus, I have an office and shop area to work on projects. See the inside here.

There isn’t a high overhead, so Enchanted has an opportunity to grow. I have plenty of room to properly store our rentals and to makeover any additions. (for now ;-))

And of course, the shop gets me out of my garage and the shed in the back yard!

I’m still about 25%ish from being completely open for business. I have plenty of pieces that must be photographed and published.   The website still has some fine tuning to be completed.

Even with all of the unfinished tasks, I’m so excited to start booking brides and events.  I’m over the moon about helping people have a fun and beautiful event!

Please share Enchanted’s opening with your friends!