Why buy, when you can rent decorations?

rent decorations

Unless you are borrowing, you have two options when throwing any kind of party or event. Buy or rent decorations.

If you’re still buying decorations for events, you are setting yourself up for more stress, more expenses and less time.

Why you shouldn’t buy, but rent decorations:

Hosts or brides rarely use the party decorations after the event.

What are you going to do with a dozen pedestal vessels and all of the other decor you want to make your wedding or party special?  It’s going to sit and take up precious space in your home, until you’re so sick of dancing around it, you post a curb alert!

Do yourself a favor and rent decorations for weddings and parties.

I understand the excuse of giving your centerpieces away at weddings, but eh hem, you know you’re already doing party favors.

Really, don’t waste the money!  Your guests come so they can celebrate with you, not for flowers, or party favors.

When you rent decorations, it’s generally much cheaper than purchasing. Details that make an event come to life always have a price tag that will add up quickly, and over the top if buying.

It’s especially important to mention the impacts on the earth that buying and consumption has.  It’s much more eco-friendly to rent decorations.

Finally, rental companies can dedicate their time helping with your event, when you rent decor.  Even if they charge an extra fee for set up and take down, you won’t have to worry about moving, cleaning it or packing it up and storing it.

Without the added stress, you can actually enjoy your event!  After all, isn’t that why we have parties?


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